Itzinya Amsterdam

Apply now to get a seat in the September 2021 StartUp Academy! (closed)

Events - Itzinya Amsterdam

Start: 1 Sep 2021

End: 15 Dec 2021

Place: Amersfoort
(Only 15 seats available)

You will be given 30 sessions of 3 hours each. By the end of the StartUp Academy you should have a clear idea of your business and how to start this business in The Netherlands. You will become part of a network of business coaches, mentors and investors so that you can grow your business. If you don’t have an idea that is well developed yet, don’t worry! Show us why you want to become and entrepreneur and we will find out in the interview.

Practical information

The Itzinya StartUp Academy will start in September 2021. If the Covid measures allow us we will meet physically in Amersfoort and the sessions will be in Dutch. The last session will be in December. You can find more information at this page.

Please fill out the form below. Make sure you have included answers to the 7 questions about “What are you dreaming about doing?”

Application to Itzinya Startup Academy

What are you dreaming about doing?

Give us a chance to get to know you a bit and understand why you want to start a business by answering the following 7 questions below: